Autumn Essentials

If I’m honest, it takes me a while to really accept that Autumn has arrived. I’ve been living in denial for some time now. But the heating has been switched on, another round of fluffy socks have been purchased and boots have replaced sandals on the shoe rack. So, I guess it’s time I had a word with myself.

As someone still relatively unaccustomed to the changing seasons, and the cold in general, there are a few traditions that I have come to rely on to help ease the transition, because transition we must, whether we are ready or not. And isn’t that so true for life sometimes too?

Here are some of my favourite Autumn essentials to ease, dare I even say enjoy, the transition.

1. Hygge in the home

Prepare to get cosy! I light all of the candles and diffuse litres of essentials oils - my current favourite is a mixture of cedarwood and lavender. It gives my living room such an inviting and relaxing feel and I can melt right into the sofa, ready for another episode of Poldark and a wonderful red wine. I’m just getting into making a few of my favourite products like face oils and body butter, and looking forward to sharing some recipes with you when I’ve perfected them. And if you are on the hunt for a good wine I am very obsessed with this Altano from Portugal. It’s organic, bold, dry and gives you just the right amount of kick.

Home brewing my body butters and diffusing delicious oils

Home brewing my body butters and diffusing delicious oils

2. Put your warmest foot forward

I’m no fashionista (frankly that’s quite an understatement) and I’m certainly not one to subscribe to fast fashion so I’m not here to tell you “what’s hot” (rolls eyes). I spend money on the things that matter the most and I love key pieces that carry you through, year after year. Namely, a good coat and/or an outdoor jacket, a pair of boots and some down layers.

Boots: I have a pair like this from Rocketdog

Outdoor jacket: This bad boy from Superdry saw me through my days in Iceland, and I have one similar to this from Fatface that I love too.

Down jacket: I have one from Hollister that I have lived in for two years and I love it. Here’s one that’s similar.

A good down jacket is ALL you will ever need

A good down jacket is ALL you will ever need

3. Kitchen Essentials

RIP Salads. Gimme chili, stews, baked pumpkins and roast everything. Also scones. Wow; so many scones! Looking to add a little heat and keep it healthy? I’ve been pulling veg out of my fridge and chucking it all into a scramble with some crumbed feta in the morning. For lunch I’ve been slicing a pepper in half, roasting it and then stuffing it with tuna, cucumber and cheese. YUM. And check out this Vegan Chili recipe from Ali that’s good at any time of day.

Ali’s mixed bean vegan chili

Ali’s mixed bean vegan chili

4. Movement

If everything changes; the weather, your house, the way you dress and what you eat then of course the way you feel inclined to move does too. I always slow down a little at this time of year; it’s a difficult emotional movement so I am kind to myself and sink into Yin and slower vinyasa flows. I hang up my trainers for a few weeks too while I adjust. It’s important to honour what you need, always.

5. Good reads

I have always enjoyed reading too, but the last few months I have been nose deep in some amazing novels so it’s always a coin toss between binge watching Poldark and cozying up in bed to read. Here’s some of my favourite reads.




Keep it cosy my friends xx