Watch your words: the power of affirmative commands

Big fan of positive thinking. BIG fan. The biggest. So why, after months of telling myself over and over again that I am not lazy do I still feel so lazy and drained of energy? It took me a while to figure out that the reason I was still feeling lazy was the sneaky little "not" in that sentence.


I've come to think of my brain as a dog. Bear with me. If I say to my dog "don't sit" he's going to sit. Enthusiastically at that. He doesn't understand the negative, he only hears the command. And that, my friends, is my brain, and yours too! In the human world this looks a little like this: I say "I am not unhappy" brain hears "unhappy." Then unhappiness finds it's way into my thoughts, my words, my posture, my relationships. Here are a few more examples of where you can use the power of affirmative commands to change your internal dialogue, and your relationship with yourself:

I am not ugly -- I am beautiful

I am not lazy -- I am energised

I am not unhappy -- I am joyful

I am not a loser -- I am a winner


You get the picture.

Check your internal dialogue. If this is a process that is new to you I'd strongly recommend you carry a notebook around with you and every time a negative thought pops up into your head, write it down. Also write down the thoughts that aren't so obviously negative but make you feel bad. After a few weeks go through the list and write down the opposing affirmative command. Then practice, practice, practice. 


Let's get back to my dog. So now I know that he will only respond to the command, but what about the tone of my voice? If I tell my dog to "sit" in a deep, angry voice he will not sit, he will definitely lie down, ears back looking at me with big puppy eyes and breaking my heart. So, once you have mastered the language of your thoughts think about the tone. As an example, say the word "happy" in an angry voice - notice the effect. Do you feel happy? Maybe, you weirdo! No, you probably don't. Now say "happy" in an upbeat voice with a smile. Do you feel the difference? You are the captain and commander of your own energy. So take your affirmative commands and start to say them with conviction. 

Change your thoughts, change your life.