Corporate Wellness

For most corporations, standard work situations involve long hours of commuting and sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer. This lifestyle leads to a multitude of physical problems including migraines, neck pain, chronic lower back pain and hip spasms. Yoga counteracts the hours, sometimes years worth of damage caused by this sedentary lifestyle. It builds strength and stability in the joints making employees healthier and, in turn, happier.

Not only are the physical benefits of yoga undeniable, but the mental strength we build in meditation gives us tools to navigate stressful situations with ease and calm. The mind-body connection that we nurture in this practice helps improve concentration, creative thinking and builds mental stamina. 

Corporate and Private Yoga Classes are structured according to your specific needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Progressive businesses understand that the wellbeing of their employees is the key to success. Yoga manages stress levels, boosts self esteem and fuels creativity.

Private Classes

Taking a private class is a great way to shed the distracting crowd, focus on exactly what you want to get out of your practice and how to achieve it. We’ll talk through any injuries or weak points and how to strengthen them, or stay off them and spend time focusing on specific goals you are working toward.

A private class is all about you; developing a deep respect and understanding of your body, strengthening your relationship with it and nurturing your mind so that you have the tools to overcome anything life throws at you.

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