Yoga Videos

I understand, better than most, that getting yourself to a studio and finding a teacher and a class you really like can be hard! So I am sharing free monthly yoga videos to get you moving no matter where you live in the world. And if you need more structure, or have a certain focus then you can always sign up for a course and commit to a daily, guided practice.


15 Minutes or Less


30 Minutes or Less

Power Vinyasa Yoga: 30 minutes

Yoga for a Better (functioning) Butt: 30 minutes



Sign up for a course and take a structured approach to your practice.

“Kat challenges her students to examine each aspect of their practice, offering opportunities for strength and growth in a beautiful, supportive space. She’s an incredible teacher, and I can’t wait to practice with her again!”

- A Spradlin YTT July 2018 -