“Having been on an incredible yoga retreat with Kat recently, and having done yoga properly for the first time I experienced first hand so many benefits simply from being more relaxed and being able to let things go. And most importantly, for me, a huge relief in my very sore back and hips (post pregnancy).

A week later my husband and I started this free 28 day online course and I simply cannot tell you how good it is and how, if you are thinking of getting into yoga for the first time you should try this course. After all it’s FREE and Kat is an incredible instructor.” - J. Gregory

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SCOTLAND: 16th MAY 2020



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A 28 day online course

“We recently booked a corporate yoga session with Kat for a CPD event, integrating yoga techniques with our osteopathic and biomechanical concepts. I was personally very impressed with how Kat ran the session, and feedback from fellow osteopaths, physiotherapists and sports therapists, was very similar. I have since attended yoga classes with Kat and happily recommend my patients in her direction, knowing that they are in good hands!”

- J.Robinson: The Carlton Clinic -

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Hi! I'm Kat. I am a Bristol yoga teacher leading weekly yoga classes, workshops and international retreats. I teach Yin yoga, meditation and dynamic, powerful Vinyasa classes with a focus on strengthening the mind-body connection. My teaching is heavily influenced by Baptiste yoga, and welcomes all body types. I believe in making yoga work for you just as you are, not the other way around. I'm also rather partial to a large glass of red wine!


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