How to Stay Motivated as a Yoga Beginner

We have all been there. You know you should go to that class, or do that online video but in between should and doing is a big ol’ gap that you could fill with so many other things. Things that seem, or maybe are, more important and the next thing you know it’s been a week and your back is hurting again, you’re moody and you hit your mat, finally, to fix the problem. My friends, I don’t need to tell you that treating the problem before it arises is soooooo much better than slapping on a belated band aid! This leads me to the question; how do you stay motivated and make sure that this good feeling sticks with you no matter what?

Here’s how I do it…

  1. Decide how often you want to practice and then put it in the diary. If you are a beginner I’d recommend no less than once a week - twice or three times is better. And you don’t need to put in an hour’s work doing four million chatarangas; just 20 or 30 minutes will do the trick and you can do exactly what you feel like doing!

  2. Find or create a dedicated space. It’s already hard to commit to schedule, so once you’ve done that, high-five! Now make it as easy as possible to get onto your mat. Choose or clear a space in your house and put your mat right there; ready to go. Or leave your mat by the door, so you can easily pick it up and get to class without having to hunt around the house to find it.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up about missing a day or two. This is the opposite of yoga! If life gets in the way, which it does, just acknowledge the interference, accept it and carry on. No one will die if you miss a class. Don’t even try to “catch up” - just continue onward; one foot then the next. That is how you move forward.

  4. Don’t let yoga replace anything. Yoga should be an addition to your life that compliments everything else you are already doing. It is not a substitute for anything. Eg if you hate the gym and then decide to do yoga as exercise instead of hitting the gym, you will end up projecting your negative thoughts about the gym onto your practice. And you’ll hate that too. Let’s spread love, people.

  5. Take a workshop or join a yoga retreat. Classes are great and all - both in studio and online, but nothing beats working one on one with a teacher. Being able to ask all the questions you want to ask, and find out what works well for your body exactly.

Not sure where to start? A few weeks ago I released an online course designed for beginners. This course covers the basics, and strengthens and lengthens you in all the right places to set you up for a healthy practice and a healthy life. It’s totally free too! Register below to get started.