5 things I’m looking forward to on our Upcoming Yoga Retreat to Greece

Pre Greece Yoga Retreat.jpg

1. Exploring more of Greece.

Our next Wild Retreat takes place on Lefkada Island in Greece - it’s way off the beaten track, on the far end of the island overlooking the stunning Ionian sea. Our retreats are always a little trickier to access; and that’s part of the magic; I like to get away from people, and into nature! I like wild weather, the wind in my hair and salty skin. Plus, I always encourage our retreat members to stay a little longer before and after the retreat too so they can spend some times exploring near by areas. This time, Ali and I will fly into Athens, and drive 4hrs up the coast to Lefkada - we have the whole day to get there and I’m excited about what awaits us en-route. On the way back we are overnighting in Athens too, and have a full day to explore Greece’s famous capital.

Greece Yoga Reteat.jpg

2. Reuniting with Wild Retreaters and meeting new people.

There are some familiar faces joining us on this retreat and I can’t wait to catch up with them; some folks are joining us from our Iceland Retreat, and I’ll be reunited with friends from my travels in Australia and Italy too. As much as I love to catch up with old friends, I am also SO excited to meet some new people on this trip too and to expand our little Wild fam further!

3. The FOOD!

Ali aka husband aka Wild Retreats’ private chef is going to make sure we are well fed at all times. His cooking is always wholesome and delicious and this time he will be serving it all up with a little bit of Greece pizazz - he’s including all our favourite things; feta, moussaka, baklava and more. I’ll be coming hungry :D

4. Unplugging.

A yoga retreat is honestly just a great way to get away from it all; it’s a break from the “go go go” lifestyle that we all have become so accustomed too. It’s dedicated time we spend with ourselves, and what a rarity that is these days! I have found that slowing down, although sometimes it’s tough, really allows me to see more clearly.  

Greece Yoga Retreat 2.jpg
Greece Yoga Retreat.jpg

5. Sunshine.

One of the best things about our villa is the pool! It overlooks the ocean to the islands of Meganisi and Kefalonia and a short walk down the hill is a quiet and pretty pebble beach. I can’t wait for yoga under the sun, and fresh cool water available for our dipping pleasure at any time of day!

If this sounds right up your alley you’ll be happy to know that we have three spots left; a single bed in a twin room and a double room which you can share with a partner, friend or book as a private room. You can book your spot today for £300.

Need a payment plan? Let me know, and I can help you out.